Rotimi Amaechi, former Minister of Transportation
Niger APC Chieftain Blasts Amaechi Over Uncompleted Baro River Port
Fred Omotara, Lagos
A Chieftain of the All Progressives Congress, APC, in Niger State, Mr. Jonathan Vatsa has accused former Minister of Transport and Presidential aspirant, Rotimi Amaechi of being deceptive on the Baro Port project in the state.
Vatsa told journalists in Minna on Friday that the guilt and sins of Baro port are chasing Amaechi, which is why he sneaked into Niger State to meet with delegates in the night.
The chieftain said if people had known of his coming into Niger State to campaign, a protest would have been organized against him for deceiving President Buhari to commission Baro port when he knew it was not completed.
Vatsa, a former Publicity Secretary of the Niger APC said, “why didn’t he come in the broad daylight where we can see him. We had arranged to protest against him and he knew it.”
Amaechi had told Niger State delegates at the government house on Thursday that the contracts for the Minna to Baro seaport and railway have been awarded and even confirmed by the Emir of Minna, Dr. Farouk Bahago when he paid the royal father a courtesy visit at his palace before meeting with the delegates..
He also disclosed that approval for the Minna to Abuja rail has been awarded and work will commence by November this year.
The presidential hopeful told the delegates, “as Minister for Transport, today, the contract for Baro(port) is awarded, the contract for a rail line to go from Baro to Minna is also awarded. The Emir told me that the contractor has visited him to say he wants to start work.”
However, Vatsa claimed the presidential aspirant was being economical with the truth, saying,”Amaechi’s next name is Mr Deceit.
“I thought they brought President Muhammadu Buhari to commission the Baro port, so which port is he talking about again? He is telling lies, we don’t believe him”
“He deceived Buhari to commission Baro port when he knew it was uncompleted. That is why the Governor of Sokoto State Aminu Tambuwal said a few days ago that Buhari and the APC led government did Niger state “419” on the port.
The former Niger State Commissioner of Information, Culture and Tourism further added that, ” it is a lie. Don’t believe in Amaechi, someone who can deceive a whole Buhari to commission an uncompleted warehouse in Baro can deceive anybody. Do you know that Amaechi left Minna airport around 8pm? His sins are unforgivable. He should forget his Presidential ambition.
“He can fool some people sometimes, but he can’t fool all the people all the time”. If he is honest and confident in himself, why did he sneak and come in at night to see delegates?
“Anyway, even if he came at night, there is no single vote for him from Niger delegates. He should fix Baro port and rail line before anything because they promised us railway line from Minna to Abuja, till today that has not seen the light of day
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