Inside the newly built WACT Vessel Clearance Waiting Office


“WACT Vessel Clearance Waiting Office Will Expose Corrupt Port Officials In Onne”

Fred Omotara, Lagos
Clearing Agents operating at the Onne port have said that the building and commissioning of a Vessel Clearance Waiting Office by the West African Container Terminal (WACT) will expose corrupt government officials at the ports.
WACT workers pose for photos Infront of the newly built Vessel Clearance Waiting Office
Speaking with kadecommunicationng, agents operating at Onne port explained that before now, government agency officials inspection of vessel is done in a disorganized manner, thereby increasing vessel waiting time at the Onne port.
According to Uche Ikenna, a clearing agent at Onne port, “The building of a Vessel Clearance Waiting Office by WACT at the quay side of Onne port is really commendable.
“We expect all the government agencies who carry out inspection of vessels during arrival and departure to be more organised from now henceforth.
“Prior before now, what we had was a harp hazard pattern of inspection of vessels. This has caused untold delay for vessels and it is we the representatives of the cargo owners that bear the consequences through additional charges slammed on us by the shipping lines for delay.
“But now that WACT has built a Vessel Clearance Waiting Office at the quay side, any government official that is not available during vessel inspection exercises will be deemed to be a saboteur. The office by the quay side is conducive and thus, nobody has any excuse anymore of not been around during vessel Inspection exercise.”
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