Officials of the Lagos State Public Works Corporation (LSPWC) carrying out remedial works on the Ejigbo road on Friday morning
Road Users Lampoon Lagos State Over Road Repair During Work Day
Fred Omotara, Lagos
Some road users around Ejigbo area of Lagos State have berated the State’s Public Works Corporation for carrying out road repairs on a morning of a working day.
Speaking with kadecommunicationng in the morning of Friday, the motorists wondered why the remedial works were not carried out on a Saturday or Sunday.
Vehicles stuck in traffic due to ongoing remedial works on the Ejigbo road on Friday
According to Mr. Francis Bamisile, a surveyor, he has been in the traffic for hours due to ongoing remedial works by the Lagos State Public Works Corporation (LSPWC).
“While I want to commend the State government for carrying out this remedial work because the road has already collapsed, I however think the timing is wrong.
“Why do this on a Friday morning? Just look at the traffic situation around the Ejigbo road now? It’s terrible.
“I have an appointment to catch at the Marina for 10am and I am still stuck here past 9am due to this chaotic traffic. It’s wrong to do this on any work day. What happened to Saturday or even Sunday?,” Mr. Bamisile told kadecommunicationng.
Some other motorists who also spoke with kadecommunicationng wondered why the rehabilitation held in the morning and not any other time of the day, if it must happen during a work day.
For some of the motorists, if the rehabilitation work must hold during a work day, it could have been done through the night to 3am in the morning.
Efforts to get the LSPWC officials to speak on the implication of doing road rehabilitation in the morning of a work day proved abortive as the LSPWC officials won’t talk to the kadecommunicationng correspondent who passed through the area on Friday.
As at the time of filing in this report, officials of the Lagos State Traffic Management Authority (LASTMA) were battling to ensure the traffic is properly managed.
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