Lagos State Commissioner of Police, Abiodun Alabi
Police List Motorcycles Exempted From Lagos State Okada Ban Policy
Fred Omotara, Lagos
Lagos State Police Commissioner, Abiodun Alabi, on Thursday clarified that residents who operate motorcycles for courier services or other private dealings will not be affected in the latest okada ban policy in Lagos State.
The Lagos state government had on Wednesday announced restrictions on motorcycles, popularly known as okada, from operating in six local government areas of the state.
“It does not affect couriers, but the couriers will not carry passengers,” Alabi said during an interview monitored by kadecommunicationng on Channels Television’s Sunrise Daily.
“We will have to make sure they are couriers and not pretending to be one.
“Then the other officers who are okada owners must be uniformed personnel who are going to their various place of work.
“Those who own power-bikes are not affected, because it’s not meant for commercial purpose.”
The latest ban on okadas in the state comes after a sound engineer, David Imoh, was allegedly lynched to death by motorcycle riders in the Lekki area of the state over a fare dispute.
This is not the first time the activities of okada riders have been restricted in Lagos.
Police Commissioner Alabi however said enforcement of the ban this time will be more thorough.
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