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Extortion: NPA To List Approved Checkpoints For Apapa, Tin-Can Ports Corridor

Fred Omotara, Lagos
The Nigerian Ports Authority (NPA) is set to list approved checkpoints for Apapa and Tin-Can ports access roads.
Speaking with newsmen recently in Lagos, the NPA Managing Director, Mohammed Bello-Koko explained that some checkpoints that are not supposed to interfere with cargo movement are the ones causing issues along tbe ports access roads.
According to the NPA MD, “Even with the deployment of ETO, we still have traffic situation along tbe ports access roads. But we can all agree that the worst of ETO is better than the time before ETO. The problem is enforcement.
“About a month ago, we signed an agreement with the Lagos State Government. The Lagos State Government is deploying Mobile Courts to the access roads locations.
“On a certain weekend, I toured the ports access roads with the two Assistant Inspector General (AIG) of Police in charge of Maritime, and what we saw was shocking. We saw checkpoints that are not supposed to be on the ports access roads.
“But I was really impressed with what the AIG’s did. They practically told some DPO’s to go to their offices and pack their things, that they are going to get their redeployment letters.
“We counted and identified the locations where there should be checkpoints. At the end of of the day, if there are 60 checkpoints and we want to have 20, how do we mark their locations? So, we are coming up with a signage system that will indicate where we want checkpoints to be along the ports access roads.
*We will put signages at those places that we want checkpoints to exist. Any checkpoint outside this places automatically becomes an illegal checkpoint.
“Again, we need to know why these checkpoints exist along the ports access roads because it’s not every checkpoints that should be checking ETO tickets. There are some checkpoints that are there for the purpose of national security and community policing. Such checkpoints have no business stopping container carrying trucks. They have no business with trucks.”
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