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MoMo Partners Kwik Delivery To Revolutionise Payment System
Yinka Olajoyetan, Lagos
MoMo Payment Service Bank (MoMo PSB), a leading financial institution, and Kwik Delivery, a prominent logistics and warehousing company in Africa, are excited to announce their strategic partnership to facilitate seamless payments using MoMo for deliveries by Kwik.
In a statement issued by MTN Nigeria on Wednesday, the company said that the partnership represents a significant milestone in the logistics and payment services sector.  MoMo PSB users can now initiate payments through the Kwik App and access it from the MoMo App, to make payments for their services.
“At MoMo PSB, our commitment is to enhance the lives of our customers through innovative and convenient financial solutions. This partnership with Kwik Delivery embodies that commitment, as it empowers our customers with greater convenience, speed and security when making payments for delivery services. We remain committed to partnerships that will advance digital payments in Africa,” said Eli Hini, Chief Executive Officer, MoMo PSB.
Speaking about the partnership, Romain Poirot-Lellig, Kwik Africa’s CEO emphasised its customer-centric nature, stating, “At Kwik, our mission is to provide efficient and reliable delivery services. We understand that a seamless payment process is a vital component of this mission. Partnering with MoMo PSB enables us to offer our customers an innovative solution, reducing payment restrictions and improving their overall experience. By integrating our services with MoMo, we’re extending the reach of our platform and opening up a world of convenience for our users.”
In the era of digital transformation, MoMo PSB and Kwik Africa are determined to simplify the lives of their customers, making payments for deliveries and logistic services more accessible and efficient than ever before. Kwik Delivery service is currently available on the MoMo App or by dialing *671#
To open a MoMo account, MTN subscribers can dial *671# on their mobile device.  The MoMo mobile app option is also available for download on the Google Play or Apple Stores
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