The 25 young engineering graduates inducted into the P&CHS trainee programme


Tin-Can Port Operator Inducts 25 Engineering Graduates Into Training Programme

Fred Omotara, Lagos
Operator of the Terminal C of the Tin-Can Island Port, Port & Cargo Handling Services (P&CHS) on Monday inducted 25 young engineering graduates of various universities and polytechnics into it’s graduate trainee programme.
The 25 young engineering graduates being welcomed at P&CHS
According to the Sifax Group subsidiary, the one year programme will afford the young graduates the opportunity of practical technical training and mentorship from experienced hands in the company.
The programme is designed to address the shortage of competent technical manpower in the nations maritime industry.
The young graduates gets their first lesson from Sifax Group Spokesman, Mr. Muyiwa Akande
At the end of the training, the company will absorb to he best of the participants into it’s workforce.
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