The arrested all-Indian crew of super tanker, MT Heroic Idun
MASPAN President Calls For Release Of Arrested MT Heroic Idun Crew
Fred Omotara, Lagos
President of Maritime Security Providers Association of Nigeria (MASPAN), Emmanuel Maiguwa has called for the release of the arrested MT Heroic Idun Crew.
Recall that MT Heroic Idun was arrested on August 12, 2022 in Equatorial Guinea waters, shortly after fleeing Nigeria on the fake alarm that it was being pursued by sea pirate’s, and has been handed over to the Nigerian Navy in November and moored at the Bonny Offshore Terminal with her all Indian crew, awaiting prosecution.
Speaking on the development on his social media handles on Friday, the MASPAN President explained that it is sad to always see crew at the receiving end of instructions and orders made from ashore.
According to Mr. Maiguwa, “It is sad to always see crew at the receiving side of instructions and orders made from ashore.
“We must remember that the charges have nothing to do with the crew’s discharge of their statutory duties and responsibilities onboard, either under the Flag or Port State responsibilities.
“Voyage fixtures are beyond the responsibility of the crew, except for element of Safety Of Life At Sea (SOLAS).
“Regardless of what the court will pronounce at the end of this trial, these crew are victims of poor system and structures.
“The least we can do for them now is to ensure they all spend this Christmas with their families. If I can do anything at all, I won’t spare a moment to ensure that happens.
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