How Havoc Entertainment Duped Nigerian Music Star, Davido In Italy
Fred Omotara, Lagos
Nigerian award winning music superstar, Davido has alleged that a promoter for a show in Italy, Havoc Entertainment duped him.
Taking to Twitter over the weekend, the Stand Strong singer revealed that the promoter failed to keep his end of the bargain after his (Davido’s) arrival in Italy.
Davido noted that the promoter refused to pay him despite selling thousands of tickets.
He pointed out the amount of work and effort that was put into performing at the show, noting that it was all taken for granted.
According to Davido, he had to take three connecting flights to make it to the show.
He wrote “I fly private 90 percent of the time but due to logistic issues, we couldn’t get a landing permit on time.
“He has sold thousands of tickets but doesn’t want to pay me! Normally it’s no balance, no show.
“I’ve been at the hotel for the past four hours waiting for either cash or a wire…still nothing!”
Davido added, “How do you sell seven thousand tickets but you don’t have my balance, you fraud? Havoc entertainment.”
He however noted that he was performing at the show solely for those who had paid to see him perform.
“I know how many people used their last to see me! So because of that I will do the show!!.”
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