Blake Resort relaxation spot
Blake Resort Thrills, Turns Abuja Nightlife Into  Endless Bliss.
By Frank Meke 
Garki 2 based Blake Resort is the new home of signature entertainment centre,  nestled in a surrealistic green ambience,  detailed in the best comfy lounges, themed restaurants, and bars, leaving nothing to imagination.
Uzochukwu Akunedozi, Blake Resort owner and facilitator
Are you looking for homemade grills and bakery offerings? At Blake Resorts, you can’t be led by the nose, as the chefs help you plan your fish or meat picks to suit your palate,  leaving you lusting for more cravings and bites.
Blake Resort Conference centre for seminars and meetings
The lounges are themed and exclusive with your friends or family treated to sumptuous lunch or dinner without the world staring eyes into your corner.
Live shows serenade lovers and friends at  night, hugging the best and biggest strings of entertainment, comedy, musical shows, and cultural dances from Nigeria’s diverse dance ecosystem and creative arts.
It is a regular feature here and blissfully recreated and reinvented day after day from dusk to dawn in  one of most fortified and expensive acoustic panelled three thousand seater Theatre.
Welcome to Blake Resort
An open conference centre with a dignified digital powered roof, ideal for your workshops,  seminars, and sales meetings, adds to the luxury appointment at Blake Resort.
The kitchens here are themed, too, with both Nigerian and foreign chefs, curating finger licking continental and Nigerian flavours. It’s a galore and gallery of banquet mystery!
Blake Resort Lounge
In the daytime, Blake Resort transforms into a museum of luxury and recreation ecosystem,  with tourists and visitors basking in absolute range of amenities and attractions perfected in the best of architectural expressions.
Safety measures here for your person from your food, drink, and your vehicle are defined and clinically keyed to the individual expectations and satisfaction.
Blake Resort also bakes jobs, real jobs for young Nigerians in the creative arts, culture, and hospitality, effectively contributing to the growth of the emerging Nigerian entertainment and culture industry.
Uzochukwu Akunedozi, Blake Resort owner and facilitator, runs this luxurious multi-faceted entertainment kingdom with guts and passion,  processing the dynamics of customer satisfaction and expectations as top finger driven achievement  metrics
A facility tour of this huge  hospitality investment with a future multi-million naira waterfront manifestation in Calabar,  Cross River state in the waiting,  clearly signposts the birth of admirable tourism infrastructure on a competitive global bench mark but unpretentiouly and proudly Nigerian.
Uzochukwu Akunedozi is a perfect host, and to give his over 350 workforce a breather,  a luxury hostel, and insurance for his team ensures that Blake Resort sustains its premium service badge in the Abuja entertainment circuit.
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