The LASEMA January To July Statistics On Accidents In Lagos State
29 Containers Fell In Lagos Between January To July 2022-LASEMA
Fred Omotara, Lagos
The Lagos State Emergency Management Agency (LASEMA) over the weekend revealed that 31 building suffered building collapse in the first seven months of 2022. This is even as LASEMA revealed that 29 containers fell in Lagos between January to July of 2022.
In a document made available to newsmen by LASEMA, 24 buildings collapsed between January to July of 2022, while six buildings suffered partial collapse within the period under review and one building has been marked distressed and is expected to collapse any moment from now.
For truck and tanker cases, 340 accidents were recorded in Lagos between January and July of 2022. Of the 340 accidents, 112 trucks/tankers were involved in cases of broken down articulated vehicles, while 201 trucks/tankers were involved in cases of outright accidents; and 27 trucks/tankers fell in the period under review.
For road accidents, LASEMA said 377 accidents occured on the roads in Lagos between January to July 2022. Of the 377 accidents, vehicle accidents accounted for 303 cases while 29 cases of fallen containers occured in the period under review, and 45 trailer accidents also occured in the same period under consideration.
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