WMU President Doumbia-Henry addressing the 128th Council of the IMO


World Maritime University Seeks Funding From IMO Member Countries

Fred Omotara, Lagos
The World Maritime University (WMU) on Thursday appealed to member countries of the International Maritime Organization (IMO) to consider financial support to the university inorder to strengthen the university’s financial sustainability and development.
Disclosing this while addressing the 128th Session of the IMO Council, WMU President, Doumbia-Henry showcased the university’s work and deep commitment to the Maritime community and IMO goals.
President Doumbia-Henry reiterated WMU’s commitment to member States and the International maritime community to uphold the University’s leading position as a centre of excellence for advance maritime education with a focus of capacity building for developing countries in accordance with IMO goals and United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.
The WMU President appealed to all member States to consider financial support to the WMU, whether that means expanding existing contributions or making an initial contribution to strengthen the university’s financial sustainability and development and also ensure that developing countries who were severely affected by COVID-19 can rebuild as quickly as possible with the skills WMU graduates acquire
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