COMTUA National President Adeyinka Aroyewun
TTP Celebrating Monopoly At Truckers Expense-COMTUA
Fred Omotara, Lagos
The Council of Maritime Truck Unions and Associations (COMTUA) on Friday accused tbe Trucks Transit Parks (TTP) of celebrating monopoly at the expense of truckers.
Recall that the TTP on Thursday celebrated two years anniversary of handling the Nigerian Ports Authority (NPA) electronic call-up system for trucks at the Lagos ports.
However, in a statement addressed to the Managing Director of TTP, Jama Onwubuariri, which was signed on Friday morning by the COMTUA National President, Adeyinka Aroyewun, the group said that in the last two years of TTP’s operation, a lot of operators have run out of business because the cost of running haulage business has increased by two hundred percent.
According to the COMTUA statement which was sent to kadecommunicationng, “We in COMTUA wishes to join TTP and it’s entire team to celebrate it’s two years of existence in the maritime Transport Industry.
“It is important to mention that we were in a near state of crisis before TTP arrived. This was as a result of many factors including but not limited to road construction, congestion in the port terminals and the effect of Covid-19 pandemic.
“We cannot shy away from the fact that we now access the ports and Terminals easier than what we witnessed before TTP’s arrival.
Add that to your (TTP) claims of success and you can not be wrong; a coincidence is also ruled out.
“While TTP have administered almost two million trucks to the ports and Terminals at fluctuating rate between Ten and thirty thousand Naira per trip of each truck in the last two years, and reduced the price of haulage by sixty percent; TTP did not remember to mention that a lot of haulage operators are out of business because the cost of running our businesses has increased by two hundred percent.
“While TTP and its cohorts smiles to the bank, operators frown in agony due to inefficiency from it’s monopoly.
“TTP has every reason to celebrate; the company enjoys MONOPOLY at truckers expense and finds it convenient to impose the Minimum Safety Standard sticker on truckers through its App in connivance with NPA, yet the rate of accident has exposed the fraud in this regime.
“While TTP celebrate at TWO, truck operators mourn the loss we incur daily.
“Accept our esteem regards.”
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