Airtel Africa CEO, Segun Ogunsanya
Tinubu’s Forex Policy Facilitates Better Business Planning–Airtel CEO, Ogunsanya
Yinka Olajoyetan, Lagos 
Airtel Africa’s CEO Segun Ogunsanya has praised President Bola Tinubu’s foreign exchange policy, calling it “slightly more predictable” adding that it facilitates better business planning.
Ogunsanya, who spoke after a meeting with the President at the Presidential Villa on Wednesday, also revealed plans for a massive data center, set to be one of the largest in Africa.
“We had massive issues with FX liquidity,” Ogunsanya admitted, acknowledging ongoing challenges but emphasising a newfound optimism. “It makes it easier for us to do better planning. We’re not out of the woods yet, but we can see light at the end of the tunnel.”
On the data center, Ogunsanya said, “It will serve all the multinationals in the country, and certainly some foreign countries.” “It’s going to be one of the largest in Africa.”
Asked what the President told him, he said, “The President said Nigerians should expect the best from this government.”
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