Hilda Dokubo
Some Nigerian Communities Still Kill Twins, Triplets-Actress
Fred Omotara, Lagos
Hilda Dokubo, a Nollywood actress has claimed that some communities in Nigeria still indulge in killing of twins, triplets, and their mothers during childbirth.
The film star shared a video clip via her Instagram page on Saturday wherein she and other Nollywood stars were seen campaigning against infanticide.
The video shows a centre dedicated to catering for twins and triplets suffering neglect and are under threat.
In a post accompanying the video, the 51-year-old film star lamented why such practice still persists in communities.
Dokubo, however, did not mention any community involved in such activities.
“Please help me understand this… in 2022 some communities are still killing twins and triplets and those who their mother died giving birth…. Seriously how is it the child’s fault how he/she enters the world?,”
“How is it the child’s fault that the mother died giving birth? How is multiple birth evil? This is so depressing,” Hilda Dokubo wrote on Instagram
She also called on the government and relevant agencies to look into the matter.
“Hopefully when the politicians finish with politics, they will take on the responsibility of governance. It’s a zoned out weekend people,” she added
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