PHOTO NEWS: Ogun Students Write Exams On Bare Floor

Fred Omotara, Lagos

Students of St. Kizito Senior Secondary School in Iwopin town of Ogun Waterside Local Government, Ogun State were pictured on Monday writing their promotional exams while sitting on the bare floor.


The picture which went viral drew outrage from members of a social media platform, Ogun Waterside Forum, as many condemned the despicable sight of children going through such harrowing experience all in the name of gaining free education

While many called on the Ogun State Government to immediately wade into the crisis situation, others said such scenario is happening in most schools in the Ogun Waterside Local Government area.

It was also learnt that the school which had produced prominent people in the State, is the Alma Mata of the current Deputy Speaker of the Ogun State House of Assembly, Hon. Balogun Akeem.



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