The container laden truck bent on top of the commercial bus on Sunday and the fallen 40ft container on the ground


Passengers Escape Death As Container Falls On Commercial Bus In Lagos

Fred Omotara, Lagos
For passengers inside a commercial nus at Amje turning along Lagos-Abeokuta express way on Sunday, it was a close shave with death as all of the passengers hurriedly disembarked from  a commercial bus after a fully loaded 40ft container swerved and fell on their bus.
When kadecommunicationng passed through the area on Sunday evening, the passengers were still looking terrified and shaken as to what could have happened if many had not managed to run out of the bus on time before the container fell on the bus.
Speaking with kadecommunicationng, one of the passengers, Mrs. Shola Adekunle explained that the driver of the bus quickly raised the alarm when he noticed the container tilting towards the bus.
According to a shell-shocked Mrs. Adekunle, “The driver shouted and moved towards the exit door from the passenger side, and everybody immediately started jumping down from the bus
“I have been thinking, what if the driver didn’t see the container tilting towards the bus? What could have happened if we were all still inside the bus?”
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