The three Nigerian stowaways sitting on the rudder of the ship at Canary islands, Spain



Nigerian Stowaways Suffers Dehydration, Hypothermia After 11-Day Trip Underneath Tanker-Authorities

Fred Omotara, Lagos
Spanish Authorities on Tuesday evening revealed that the three Nigerian stowaways who hanged on a chemical tanker rudder for a 11-days trip from Lagos waters to the Canary islands in Spain have suffered dehydration and Hypothermia. This is even as authorities said one of the stowaways is still in the hospital after they were given medical treatment on arrival in Canary islands.
“The men found on the chemical tanker, Alithinill at the Las Palmas port on Monday afternoon appeared to have symptoms of dehydration and Hypothermia and were transfered to the hospital on the island for medical attention,” the Spanish Maritime Safety and Rescue Society stated on Tuesday evening.
“The survivors were all from Nigeria. One of them remained hospitalized as at Tuesday evening,” the Spanish Maritime Safety and Rescue Society added
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