Dr. Ukpai and and Mr. Andrew Fillmore
Nigerian Man, Olugu Ukpai Gets Canadian Senate’s Commendation Over Malaria Advocacy
Yinka Olajoyetan, Lagos 
A Nigerian residing in Halifax, Canada, Dr. Olugu Ukpai, has received commendation from the Canadian upper federal legislative chamber, the Senate, for his advocacy towards eradicating Malaria in the world.
Ukpai is the founder of Drummers Against Malaria (DAM), an advocacy group that has been creating awareness against Malaria in Canada using African drums, and championing medical outreaches to Nigeria and other African countries.
In a motion moved on the floor of the Canadian Red Chamber by Mr. Andrew Fillmore, the senator representing Halifax in the Senate, the senator drew attention to the scourge of Malaria all over the world and the positive impact Ukpai and the DAM team are making towards its eradication.
Fillmore said: “Mr. Speaker, Malaria continues to ravage the world and unfortunately, our country is not spared. Indeed Malaria still claims 500 Canadian lives each year. When tragedy strikes, some individuals transform hardship into advocacy.  And this is true of Olugu Ukpai of Halifax who is on a mission to end Malaria after losing his 16 months old daughter, Miss Goodness Olugu Ukpai, to the disease.
“Olugu plays a pivotal role in raising awareness about Malaria using drumming demonstrations to engage the public on this pressing issue.  He and his family, Goodness’ siblings are famous at home as his Halifax Multicultural Drummers (DAM) led the commemoration of Malaria Day on April 16 in Halifax featuring  special guests and drummers from various parts of the African continent and the community members came together to support the cause and engage Halifax in battle against the disease. “Awareness for Malaria is increasing and we must maintain that momentum.  I want to extend my gratitude to Olugu Ukpai for his unwavering dedication.”
Responding to the commendation from the Canadian Red chamber, Ukpai said he was thrilled and fascinated at the massive support and visibility his advocacy on malaria is now getting.
He praised Fillmore for his untiring efforts:  “We really appreciate his practical inclusive approach to leadership in our diverse community, always available and lending his voice to support everyone in need in our community.
“Honourable Andy Fillmore’s statement to recognize our unwavering effort on malaria advocacy is a testament of the interconnectedness of our communities and how the well-being of each individual can impact on the larger group. It’s a reflection of empathy and collective responsibility. When one person suffers, it’s not just an individual issue: but the wider community. It’s a reminder that supporting one another and working together to overcome challenges is crucial for the health and resilience of the community as a whole.
“Today, the threat posed by malaria is no longer to the Olugu’s family alone, but the threat is to us as a community because about 500 Canadians are at risk of malaria annually
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