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Multiple Trailer Accidents Cripple Vehicular Movement Along Idiroko Road

Fred Omotara, Lagos
Multiple Trailer Accidents has crippled vehicular movement along Iju, Arobieye and Winners section of the Idiroko road in Ogun State on Saturday.
When kadecommunicationng passed through the area, the entire stretch of Iju to winners section of the road was under lockdown with articulated vehicles seen veered off on the road, blocking the entire access just after the Iju bridge.
After the Iju bridge, another collision between two articulated vehicles at Arobieye further compounded the already chaotic traffic gridlock, thereby extending the confusion on the road to as far as Chelsea bus stop axis of the Idiroko road.
As of the time of filing in this report, there was no official of the Traffic Compliance and Enforcement Corp (TRACE) at the affected area as motorists trying to beat the gridlock drove one way against each other, and further worsened the traffic situation along the Idiroko road
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