The fallen container and the truck in Apapa
Many Escape Death As Fully Loaded Container Falls Off Truck In Apapa
Fred Omotara, Lagos
Many hawkers and passer-bye in the early hours of Sunday escaped death when a container fell off from the back of a truck around Eleganza area of Apapa, crippling traffic inward the port city through Commercial road.
When kadecommunicationng passed through the area on Sunday, the 20-ft fully loaded container was still lying on the road, having fell off the truck carrying it.
According to officials of the Lagos State Traffic Management Authority (LASTMA) sighted at the scene of the incident by kadecommunicationng, the truck and the fallen container is currently occupying 60 percent of the road and impeding free flow of traffic.
“The truck and the fallen container is occupying about 60 percent of the road around Eleganza here in Apapa.
“The LRU services of Lagos State Emergency Management Authority (LASEMA) would be needed for its evacuation while our men and other sister agencies like FRSC, POLICE and NPA are on ground to control, manage and monitor traffic along the corridor,” a LASTMA official told kadecommunicationng exclusively.
For some hawkers who were displaying alcoholic drinks in various sachet sizes, it was a close shave with death.
Speaking with kadecommunicationng, one of the hawkers, Bintu Azeez, narrated how hawkers scampered for safety when the truck fell off.
“As the truck was approaching, the container was dangling on its back. We knew it wasn’t well strapped to the back of the truck, so we were on the watch-out because we were just sitting by the side of the road.
“Immediately the truck approached a road bump, and the dangling container swerved towards us, everybody ran away from where we were sitted. The bump on the road aided the fall of the already dangling container.
“Only God knows what would have happened if we had not run away from where we were sitted,” a shocked Bintu told kadecommunicationng exclusively.
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