Passengers stuck by water hyacinth onboard LAGFERRY boat MF Babatunde Fashola on Friday
LAGFERRY Boat Was Sinking Before 30 Passengers Were Rescued-LASWA
Yinka Olajoyetan, Lagos
The Lagos State Waterways Authority (LASWA) on Friday night revealed that the LAGFERRY boat, MF Babatunde Fashola which was conveying 30 Passengers from Falomo to Ikorodu, was already sinking before the passengers were rescued.
In a statement issued late on Friday night, LASWA expressed surprise that the boat, which has been in normal operations, was already sinking before rescue operations commenced.
“At about 5.46 pm today, 10th of November 2023, a Lagferry passenger boat named MF Babatunde Fashola coming from the Five Cowries Terminal Falomo with 30 passengers got stuck in the water hyacinth on the waterways en route Ipakodo ferry terminal and started to go down, which is strange as this Boat has been in normal operations. The LAGFERRY E-Surveillance also helped identify this incident.
“The search and rescue team of the Lagos State Waterways Authority and LAGFERRY Team assisted by other commercial boat operators trans-loaded the affected passengers to other boats to complete their journey to the Ikorodu Terminal.
“A full investigation into the cause of this incident is currently ongoing and will be communicated once complete.
“We continue to remain committed to building alongside all Stakeholders a safe, clean and prosperous inland waterways. Thank you,” LASWA stated.
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