Hon. Leke Abejide
House Of Reps Member Shows N697,000 Monthly Salary Alert On TV
Fred Omotara, Lagos
The lawmaker representing Yagba East-West-Mopamuro Federal constituency of Kogi State in the House of Representatives, Hon. Leke Abejide, on Thursday, gave out a screenshot of credit alert of his monthly salary for display on a national television.
According to the screenshot, which was displayed on Channels TV’s breakfast programme, Sunrise Daily, on Thursday, Abejide earns about N697,000 monthly as salary.
However, he did not provide evidence for his allowances and constituency projects.
Nigerian lawmakers are believed to be one of the highest paid parliamentarians in the world despite widespread poverty among the general population.
Abejide said being a lawmaker was not lucrative as his constituents expect him to provide for their special needs.
“The allowances you talk about – I have staff, then people in the constituency are also there waiting for me. In a month, I don’t think I have up to N1.5 million. And I have family to take care of.
“So if you are coming to this system and you are someone who has been working on your own and doing business, you will not like to continue because the demand that is coming from your constituency in a month is in the range of N30 to N40 million.
“Someone whose children wants to go to school, to hospital, somebody who wants to do marriage, it is only you they will be focusing on. They can’t get the Governor; you are the closest person to them. And if you don’t do for them, then you have not done anything. So that’s the danger in this assembly.
“If you are not a man of means and you come to this seat, in one year people will be stoning you.
“The only difference is constituency project. Mine is N113 million a year. And out of it, government will take 18.5 percent,” the lawmaker stated.
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