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First Bank App Very Poor, Frustrated Customer Laments
Fred Omotara, Lagos
A First Bank customer, @SpectacularSam took to Twitter in the early hours of Friday to condemn the banks app, labeling it very poor.
In a post on his Twitter handle, @SpectacularSam stated that, “@FirstBankngr @FBN_help First Bank, please fix your app, so I can avoid embarrassment.
“App not opening for days now. Keeps saying Typeerror, Network request failed.”.
“Do something urgently to fix your very poor app”
Responding, the bank apologized for the difficulty being experienced by the customer and advised him to try at a latter time.
“Hello @SpectacularSam, thank you for contacting us and we empathize with you on the issue raised. Kindly be advised that we are aware of the challenge .
“Please retry at a later time, as we work to resolve the network glitch. #YouFirst,” First Bank stated in it’s response.
Above is the screenshot of the chat between @SpectacularSam and the bank
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