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Confusion At Banks As Customers Rush To Beat CBN Old Notes Deadline

Fred Omotara, Lagos
There is rowdy sessions at most banks on Thursday morning as most banking halls and entrances were filled to the brim by customers who had apparently besieged the banks to beat the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) old notes deadline of January 31st, 2023.
Infront of Zenith Bank on Lagos island
When kadecommunicationng correspondents visited some banks in Lagos, the entrance into some of them were filled with crowd hoping to gain access into the banking halls.
Also, inside the banking halls, the security officials were battling to keep the crowd in check as queues threatened to spill out of control.
Speaking with kadecommunicationng, a bank Customer Infront of one of Zenith Bank branches on the island, Alhaja Monsuratu Ajibola told our Correspondent that she needs to deposit most of the old notes with her this week to avoid a deadline day rush hour.
According to Alhaja Ajibola, “Next week Tuesday is the deadline day. By Monday, I expect the rush to have started gathering momentum. To avoid such confusion, that’s why I came today to deposit bales of old notes with me.
“Even inside some markets here on the island, we traders are already rejecting the old notes because the deadline is just days away.
“I didn’t know the crowd at the bank will be this much. Was expecting that it will become crowdy by next week Monday, that’s why I came today. I am surprised that this is Thursday, and the banks are already filled up. It’s a crazy situation here.”
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