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Amid Naira Scarcity, Incessant Network Failure Mars Online Banking

Fred Omotara, Lagos
As Nigerians struggle to cope with the scarcity of Naira, using alternative mode of transaction like the mobile apps have remained largely difficult due to incessant network downtime.
Investigation by kadecommunicationng revealed that many electronic transactions has remained uncompleted since Naira became scarce across the country.
Speaking with kadecommunicationng, a drug store Owner, Moses Nnamdi who sells house hold stuffs aside drugs lamented that he had to stop people from making transfers to him because many of the transaction sometimes get declined while the customers will insist on getting goods from his shops.
According to Nnamdi, “It’s been difficult this days asking people to make online transfers due to Naira scarcity.
“The other day, somebody came here and bought beverages worth N18,000 and did online transfer that wasn’t successful. After repeating the transfer trice, without success, he wanted to go with the beverages but I refused him because I have not seen any money in my account.
“Few days later, he came around and complained that he was debited later that day twice, but I wasn’t credited. It was an argument that took passersby to help us resolve.
“He was advised to go to his bank to complain after I showed him a history of inflows into my account via my GTBank app.
“Since Naira became scarce, electronic transfers too has become difficult. I don’t know if Naira is also scarce online? It’s a pathetic case for we traders because nowadays, anytime i refuse online transfer, my customers leave because they claim there is no cash; and they won’t go and pay so much at POS outlets to get cash.”
Checks by kadecommunicationng at the Customer Service Unit of a leading commercial bank also revealed that the number of customers lodging complaints over failed online banking has been on the rise in recent days.
Even the short SMS code used by different banks for online transactions has been down in recent days, checks by kadecommunicationng also revealed.
In the words of a medical consultant, Dr. Niyi Alebiosu, “Making online transfers during the day is now extremely difficult.
“When such transfer is very important, I wait till the dead of the night or around 2am to make such transfer. During the day, it’s very much unlikely to be successful for reasons I can’t place. Should Naira scarcity affect online banking? I am really at a loss.”
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