The driverless Taxi
America Will Never Cease To Amaze Me; Nigerian Man Shares Experience Inside Driverless Taxi
A yet-to-be-identified Nigerian man has revealed the moment a driverless taxi arrived to pick up his family at a location in San Francisco, United States.
Inside the driverless taxi
In the video now trending on social media, the man was heard saying, “This white car coming right now; nobody drives it. And it’s waiting for us; it came here for us. See, nobody is in this car. It came here to pick us up.”
The man filmed the empty driver’s seat as the car navigated traffic and obeyed signals.
He added, “The car is moving. This is a traffic light; the car is stopping behind the other car in front of us at the light. Now that the light is showing green, it’s moving again.
“This is San Francisco, California, ladies and gentlemen. See the passengers: my wife, my daughter, and my son at the back, and I’m in the front. Look, no driver! This is unbelievable. The car is just driving itself, taking us to where we want to go. Wonderful!”
He further compared his experience with the ongoing debate in Nigeria about the minimum wage.
“America will not cease to amaze me. Wow! You have seen it. We are in Nigeria debating about N62,000 minimum wage, and the whole world is leaving us behind. I hope we realise what we are doing to ourselves,” he added
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