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100,000 Uncollected International Passports Litter Our Office-NIS

Fred Omotara, Lagos
The Nigerian Immigration Service (NIS) on Wednesday said that over 100,000 Uncollected International Passports Litter it’s offices nationwide.
In a post on its social media handles, the NIS pleaded for patience from Nigerians experiencing challenges over passport issuance.
According to the NIS, “There are over 100,000 uncollected passports across all our passport offices.
“As much as we recognize the current passport-related challenges experienced by Nigerians (within and outside the country), while working towards finding lasting solutions to the problems, we can only plead respectfully, for continued patience with us.
“The NIS has, yet again, initiated internal housekeeping measures to see to the clearance of all uncollected passports.
“In the same breathe, we want to seize this opportunity to reassure Nigerians, within and outside the country, of our unwavering, unending and unconditional dedication to seeing that the current issues being experienced become a thing of the past.”
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